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7th Sep 2023

Childhood Immunisation Questionnaire


Childhood vaccinations play a critical role in ensuring your child's long-term health and well-being. Your feedback through this questionnaire will help us understand and address any barriers parents may face in accessing childhood vaccinations Your feedback will really help us improve our service to you.

Childhood immunisation Questionnaire

15th Jun 2023

Cervical Screening (Smear Test) - Questionnaire

We are currently reviewing our Cervical Scrrening (Smear Testing) processes within the surgery. We understand that some women have concerns or face some barriers when booking there screening test and with the below questionnaire hope to try understand some of these. We are sending out the following questionnaire with a hope that your responses will help us make the screening more accessible for women. Please follow the below link: 

Thank you

3rd May 2023

Do you care for someone with Dementia?


Wrose Dementia Friendly Community Group are a local group of volunteers who offer support to people with Dementia and their careers. Please follow the link below for information on how to access this local support network


1st Apr 2023

UPDATED 11/04 - Introducing Airmid & PATCHS: A New Online Consultation System for Leylands Medical Centre


Dear Patients,

We would like to announce that our practice is transitioning to a new online consultation system called PATCHS (pronounced patches)

This change is due to a decision by the NHS in West Yorkshire to adopt PATCHS as the standard for online consultations across all practices.

The new system will be in place from April 3, 2023. Until then, the current eConsult system will continue as usual.


What to expect with PATCHS?

From a patient perspective, the process will remain very similar to eConsult. You'll answer a series of questions and have the option to upload images. Your submission will be sent to the practice, and you'll receive a reply either electronically or via a phone call.


The Airmid App

Access to PATCHS Online Consultation will be via the Airmid app for smartphones or tablets. The Airmid app is the companion app to SystmOne, the Electronic Patient Record system we use. It offers many benefits, such as managing appointments, viewing and exporting your medical record including test results, consultations, vaccinations and documents. You can learn more about the advantages of using the Airmid app here:

The app can be downloaded from the iOS app store or Google Play store for any smart phone or tablet. When you install the app, be sure to allow notifications so that you are made aware of any communications from your GP such as a reply to an online consultation or blood test result.

Download the Airmid app for your phone or tablet HERE


Setting up an Airmid account

You can log in to both Airmid and PATCHS using your existing NHS login from the NHS app – the same app used for COVID passes. If you don't have an NHS login, creating one within Airmid is easy, secure, and doesn't require visiting the practice to verify your identity.

The NHS login is the best way to access Airmid, but you can also login using your existing SystmOnline details.

Here is a video showing you how to download and login to Airmid:


Once you are logged into the app, simply click ‘Start Online Consultation’ in the Online Consultations section on the home screen and follow the instructions.

We've also created a brief video to help show you around the Airmid App. Feel free to skip to the relevant section using the timestamps in the video description. Watch the video in the YouTube app or website to access the time stamps.



Our capacity for online consultations

Please note that each online consultation is reviewed by a member of our clinical team. As such, we have limited daily capacity. Once this capacity is exhausted, online consultations will be unavailable until the next working day. Similarly, given that our clinical resource is limited, and the online consultation facility is shared across all our patients, anyone abusing the system or sending excessive requests may be restricted from accessing the facility.


Keeping your contact details up to date

It's essential for patients to ensure we have their most up-to-date phone number and email address, as replies will be sent via these channels


Top tips for Online Consultations


  • Try and be specific and give enough information to the doctor to help them give you the best advice.


  • Always upload images if you think they’d be useful – especially for skin conditions (but not intimate areas). If it’s something you can see, then chances are images will help the doctor give better advice. You’ll also get a response quicker if we don’t have to go back and ask you to send images.


  • Don’t use online consultations for emergencies – that’s what the Emergency Department (A&E) or 999 is for


  • Avoid using online consultations for urgent problems as you may not get an immediate reply. You can always call us.


  • If you’ve already submitted an online consultation, please don’t send another one before you’ve heard back. Each submission takes up doctor time, which is a limited resource.


  • Online consultations are especially handy for admin related issues such as Fit Notes and paperwork, general queries etc...


  • Following an online consultation, the doctor may send you an electronic reply or call you. They may also arrange any other care you might need such as an in-person appointment, referral or tests.


Wishing you all the best of health

The Leylands Team